"damali had a profound impact on us.
We will be transformed."
-Colby College

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April 14, 2015
Announcement:  I am concluding my work on race/racism/social change within the next two years.
If you want to bring me to your community to address these issues > schedule now.
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Thank you for your support over the years, and for all you do to make our world a better place.



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It’s time for a new approach to activism, social change, and tough topics. We have to conquer fear and work from a place of love. I am invested in making this shift in our culture. My presentations and the way I share my experience honors the whole human being. I share stories about how we think, how we feel, how we learn, how we fight, how we love, and how we fight for what we love—and most of all—how we are transformed. My presentations share my journey as an artist, writer, and activist who grew from a place of fear and anger into a place of courage, love, and transformative action. I help everyone I meet find that journey within themselves and latch on to hope, affirmation, and a positive way forward into the future we create not alone, but together.


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New Keynote Presentations


This fun presentation inspires activists of all ages to be creative in the way they challenge people and advocate for change, while avoiding burnout by creating a support system, implementing self-care techniques, and cultivating a sense of humor. Learn more.

This game-changing 2-day intensive helps participants make a deep and sustainable connection with social change. It moves beyond academic language into feelings and experiences. It strives to connect the "whole human being" with the issues they want to addresss and the people affected by our cultural challenges. Thinking vs. Feeling, Uncovering Fears, and Core Belief Clarification are central tools.
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“With students, teachers, administrators and the community damali allowed us to think, feel, respond and create. She created strong discussions but also offered a safe place to explore unsaid truths. damali inspired and encouraged our students’ strong voices to speak out and share the issues truly important to them. Further, sharing her personal story candidly allowed others to open up and tell their own stories.
- Lindsay Pinchbeck, Sweet Tree Arts


“Like fresh air.” “Candor and courage.”
"The lessons damali has distilled from her experience have truly transformative potential.
Also she is hilarious and charming
- Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council


Making art about race both launched and limited my career. Funding and press rallied to the cause but so did hate mail, threats, and stifling expectations.What happens when we support and fund artists or even students of color to focus primarily on their race? Is this advancing our progress or re-enforcing racism? Learn more.