"damali had a profound impact on us.
We will be transformed."
-Colby College

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April 14, 2015
Announcement:  I am concluding my work on race/racism/social change within the next two years.
If you want to bring me to your community to address these issues > schedule now.
To join me on my new joy-filled journey of creative expression > join this list
Thank you for your support over the years, and for all you do to make our world a better place.



Bringing light and life.

Please enjoy some samples of my talks, interviews and performances where I bring a creative outlook and personal experience to enhance our dialogue about important issues.



“Utterly engaging, warm, extroverted,
and amazingly energetic.” – Portland State University

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Samples from my talks on racism, and my creative, personal approach to the topic in both keynote lectures and small group workshops.



Talking about the "Flesh Tone" exhibit where I visited a range of paint stores and asked them to match paint to different parts of my body.



On tools for creating social change. Interviewed by Joselito Lopez at Edmonds Community College. (2011)



On the concept for Obamistan! Land without Racism, Your guide to the New America. (2010) at Elliott Bay Books. You can get the book on the buy page.


Chatting with Bill about How to Rent a Negro on the O'Reilly Factor. (2005)



Doing "Living Flag: Panhandling for Reparations" street performance on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. (2004)