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damali ayo art created conceptual art experiences for the public from 1997-2015. It found its place in art history text books and helped to open dialogues about our world. It generated pauses to help us ponder.

Art is a sensory experience, engaging the impulses but also the mind and most importantly, emotions. It connects individuals to the world but most profoundly to ourselves in whatever particular place people currently stand along our single and collective journey.

This work strived to offer a pause inside of which individuals might be moved through thought and feeling to consider all that is inside and around—to ponder relationships to self, other, world, and back to self. From here individuals can choose to either affirm or change course.

This work was not not interested in being perfect, political, or pretty. It was interested in being art—experiences that entered the viewer and worlds. It is only from that place of intersection with art that we have a meaningful experience.

Art should make you think and feel. It doesn’t have to match your couch.