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“This is a wicked book—and wickedly funny. For those who believe that the election of Barack Obama means that we are truly in a “land without racism, ” damali ayo delineates a blueprint for our brave new utopia. Reading this wonderfully subversive little handbook makes the project of overcoming racism inviting, whimsical, upbeat, and generally good for your health. —Patricia Williams


Hilarious, sarcastic, and insightful, this witty companion to the new Americawhich its loyal citizens call Obamistan—offers recommendations for navigating this exciting utopia. Eyewitness testimonials, pop quizzes, newspaper clippings, and Twitter feeds tell unprepared citizens what to expect now that America has elected a black president and left prejudice and racism behind. This comprehensive manual addresses the ways in which all former hot-button issues—including immigration, health care, gentrification, reparations, foreclosures, holidays, and toilet paperare now addressed in the gentle Obamistan, showing even those who miss the old America how to adjust. With details about Dick Cheney’s cozy new digs in Guantanamo Bay, this handbook covers the new America from sea to shining sea.

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"a sense of hope and optimism -- something that sometimes feels completely missing among progressives these days." 








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